Seeing the Sites

I’m not talking about travel unfortunately (and that would be ‘sights’ anyway), but finally trying to catch Three Stone Steps up with what’s called Web 2.0.

No one would ever accuse Three Stone Steps of jumping on trends. In fact, in reading about Web 2.0, the term was coined three years ago, in any event, file this firmly in the Better Late than Never Department.

So, I am now on myspace. I have some mosquito net products up there, as well as some silk items, such as the business card holder, and silk bead necklace. And, of course, you can be my friend. Please add me, if you so desire, here.

Three Stone Steps also found a new site called Squidoo. Ok. Of course it’s not ‘new’ but new to me. While still trying to figure it out, I have posted some info on the recycled mosquito net messenger and travelers bag. If you want to check it out, nothing more to do than click this.

Another site that Three Stone Steps has found is This Next. I’m trying, of course, to figure out how to use it, and am, if time permits, going to make a list of eco-fashionista items. Anyway, it’s right here.

So, in addition to contacting Three Stone Steps through this blog or through the email on the ‘contact us‘ part of the website, you can find our find eco-fashion and silks and cottons a few other places.


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