‘Tis the Season…..

…but far, far, far too early.

I’m getting ready for my selling season, that is, selling my fine silk scarves, eco-chic bags, silk and cotton bags, and other accessories at home shows and shows at prep schools and even synagogues.

I’m bringing this up far to early, I know.

But, no time like the present to prepare.

I don’t want to be part of moving the holiday season earlier and earlier and earlier. But, it’s happening all around us. Back in the day, the holiday season kicked off in earnest after Thanksgiving. Quite a bit of time for the shopping and hoopla, to be sure, but really enough time for it. I’m not sure exactly when the holiday season kicked off after Halloween. But, ok, it gives you a three week cushion. But now? This year, Columbus Day is barely done with before seeing the tinsel and balls and big plastic blow up things for lawns up.

What gives?

I once read that since Halloween has become a big (and adult) holiday, major retailers put out their holiday stuff early as a way to remind people that, hey, you’ll be spending even bigger money around the corner, so don’t go hog wild on the costume, or decorating your house. Save some of that discretionary holiday dosh for the mammoth holiday which’ll be here before you know it.

But, can’t I just enjoy the fall season without thinking about what is lurking around the calendar corner?

I’ll be doing some shows, starting in about a week and a half. Oh, well, I so hope that I am not part of the problem. And, I hope this year, people are more sustainable in their shopping.



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