Another November Holiday

Do you know what tomorrow is? I’ll bet you that you don’t! It’s America Recycles Day (by America, I’m assuming that they mean the United States.)

Like a lot of folks, I’ve been thinking a great deal about recycling, and cutting my carbon footprint. I guess when we think about the three “Rs”: reduce, reuse, recycle, they are in order of priority, which is REDUCE. It does seem to go against the grain of the US ethos (especially during this increasingly early holiday season) to talk about reducing. Of course, I sell stuff, which doesn’t exactly gel with getting people to reduce. (Of course, some of my stuff is already recycled, and is long lasting, so you won’t have to buy another handbag, scarf, or wallet any time soon!)

What’s interesting, well, to me, is that November 15th’s day is sponsored by big corporations, like Coca-Cola, Dell, and Staples. I’m sure they mean well *ahem*, but they sure ain’t telling anyone to reduce. If you want to see more about this day, check out the National Recycling Coalition’s site.

Anyway, good on them! Now, if Baltimore could just get its act together picking up our recycling, we’d be all set!

So, I’ve taken the recycling pledge, and here’s my badge to prove it!

America Recycles Day


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