On the road again….

….well, not quite. Right about now I was supposed to be in Phnom Penh, looking for more fun to funky fairly traded and eco-chic goods, yet I am in my kitchen in beautiful Baltimore, Maryland USA.

The night before my flight I was knocked out my the norovirus. Now, this wasn’t fun, in fact, I can’t remember when I’ve been taken down by an illness.

In any event, this isn’t a rant about some nasty virus, but rather to let you know that I’m still around, but this weird downtime has given me some clarity regarding what new things I’ll be looking for.

But, first, I’m going to make my existing items even better. Prepare to see the cotton travelers bags with new longer and wider straps, and some new, shapes. Look for new colors in the gorgeous Angkor silk screen shoulder bag. It’s coming along.

I’m hoping to bring back some man purses. Ok. Don’t snicker. A man bag. The hard sided briefcase has gone the way of dial-up and cassette tapes, or so has been proclaimed by the Wall Street Journal when they wrote about the Death of the Brief Case. In any event, this sort of makes me sad in the sort of way that no longer having carpools makes me sad. The briefcase reminds me of my father and just seemed so handy. But, I can’t say I blame men for wanting a hand’s free way to take work to and fro. (I guess I really wish people didn’t have to take work home from the office, but that’s for another post.)

I also plan to look for more items in sustainable fabrics, like hemp and bamboo, and innovative recycled items.

Please also let me know what you’d like to see, and please stay tuned for some updates from Southeast Asia.


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