Not Quite Playing in Phnom Penh

Despite having a painfully slow internet connection, Three Stone Steps is delighted to inform you of some new items that will be on offer soon. First jewelry rolls. Ok, they are the same fantastic jewelry rolls now offered by Three Stone Steps, but will be offered in new, most fabulous colors. Colors so great that you’ll wonder how you lived without them; and colors so great that you’ll love using them for your fine bling.

And, speaking of bling, Three Stone Steps is presently debating carrying some really unique and very affordable necklaces. These necklaces are made from buffalo horn (the kind of buffalo they have in Southeast Asia, and YES, the buffalo was already dead for other reasons, and certainly not brought to its demise for its horns. And, NO, I would never, ever, do anything so unethical and cruel as to kill a buffalo so its horn could make a simple necklace, so please don’t even think it just in case that horrid thought crossed your mind). They are lovely and casual, and won’t quite replace the diamonds you wear to the opera, but can certainly go from work to play without missing a beat. But, we’ll see. Even as I write this, I think that buffalo horn bling, as ethical and lovely as it is, may just be too much.

And, speaking even more about jewelry, Three Stone Steps is testing out a great new design for the silk bead necklace. Again, this will take you from work to play to everywhere in between. We’re just wondering if this new necklace will work…..but, it’s so great in concept that we’re hoping it will work in practice.

But, wait, there’s more! Somewhere high above the Arctic Circle, she thinks, Three Stone Steps had a brainstorm to create the most lovely and simple and practical raw silk messenger bag. Ok, it’ll be sort of on the small side, but there’s nothing else like it. She can’t wait to turn this theory into practice, especially if it works out.

We’re also bringing you a new improved longer strap for the cotton travelers bag, and perhaps a lovely new scarf or two, made from golden silk (which feels like wool), which is beautifully handwoven, and uses all natural dyes.

And, stay tuned for new designs of mosquito netting products and other fashion accessories made from discarded items.

In any event, time in Phnom Penh has been productive, and with hope, soon you’ll be able to view these fine new offerings on the website and in stores.

Ok. Off to bed. It’s very late in this part of the planet.

Good night.

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