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I’m still in Phnom Penh searching for great new products for Three Stone Steps. I had a bit of a disappointing day yesterday thinking that I was on to something with jewelry made from recycled land minds, but it turned out that I couldn’t find a design at a price point that would work. I will continue today searching for the best in silks, cottons, and eco-chic.

I’m also debating getting water reed rattan/ish bags for Three Stone Steps’s customers. While I did find some designs that you’re sure to love, I am not sure about the quality of the product, and that’s of utmost importance. I would never want to sell any handbags, messenger bags, wallets, silk scarves, or evening bags that I wasn’t positive would wear well. So, I’ll visit this place again this afternoon, and take these new bags through quite a workout. However, I’m not especially optimistic.

I’m also desperately trying to get in touch with this NGO that produces recycled products. It’s hard, but I will venture on since there’s no where I want to miss out on what looks to be a great eco-chic item for my great customers.

Anyway, it’s now afternoon here, and time to get myself in gear to go searching in the Cambodian heat.

Stay turned. I shall return!


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