Another Kind of Inspiration

Ok. So, I had been working hard here in Phnom Penh trying to find new handbags, messenger bags, wallets, scarves, some interesting surprises or two, and maybe a cool new necklace for you, my valued Three Stone Steps customers.

So, here I am in a hot climate, trying to unearth interesting fines (or, as they say here in S.E. Asia, not more of the “same same,” but bags, wallets, scarves and other fashion accessories that are both well made, justly made, and unique).

One can only do this, especially in the heat, for so long. So, this weekend, I did have some time to relax and try to reflect on some of the products that I’ve seen.

Wandering around my guesthouse, I came to these two men in the above photo who were blissfully napping in the noonday sun, and totally oblivious to me. I think they could easily be the mascots for those who want to take a siesta (or however one says that in Khmer) during their workaday world. Just string a hammock wherever you are.

All this wandering around and relaxation end for me tomorrow. I’m going to check on some samples of the messenger bags I’m having made, and going out to meet some workers. And, there will be no time for naps.

I’ll try to provide a sneak preview here of the new products if all goes as planned.


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