Adieu, Asia

This is my last night in Asia. It’s been a relatively quick and relatively eventful trip. I’m excited to get back to Baltimore (well, as excited as one can be when confronted with close to 20 hours of flying….and, in coach!).

Here as some of the new offerings on tap: new bags made from mosquito netting, and made especially for Three Stone Steps. One is specifically a women’s bag, and two others are unisex. There will be a man’s wallet, too. In addition to mosquito netting, some of these items will be offered in a woven black plastic bag material. Just wait until you see them!

I’ll be some of the same great cotton and silk bags, but with some tweaking, and in some fantastic new colors. And, new, fantastic cosmetic bags are coming soon.

Anyway, there’s more of course. But, I have a very early morning flight, and must try to get some sleep.

I promise some photos and more tales of travel soon.


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