Yes We Can….or a happy Friday post

I’ve realized here at the superduper worldwide word headquarters at Three Stone Steps that my blog postings have been a little bit depressing. Well, I don’t know about you, but they are depressing me: all this talk of blood diamonds and un-fair trade roses, and unabashed consumerism for Valentine’$ Day. This is not to mention my preoccupation with how the superdelegates work for the Democratic Party, what the polls have been saying with regard to the upcoming election, and the super huge pile of trash on the bottom of the ocean.

Well, it was not that long ago that I was at the ocean, ok, the sea, ok, a gulf, specifically, The Gulf of Thailand, where I had some r&r after working so hard to find the perfect eco-chic fashion accessories, including some new bags and wallets made from repurposed and recycled mosquito netting, and new cosmetic bags in silk, and cotton traveler and messenger bags in great new colors.

I chilled, a bit, in Phu Quoc. Now, Three Stone Steps is of the belief that photos of sunsets are part of the unholy trinity of trite subjects for travel photos, along with fireworks, and waterfalls. (Actually, rainbows falls into that category as well, but four just doesn’t fit.) But, I can’t resist, on the winter Friday, posting a photo of a lovely sunset from the beach.

There. Don’t you feel just a bit better and a bit relaxed?
I knew you would.

For my non-beach time of this trip, I did get to spend some quality time with the artisans who produce the silk and cotton products I sell. I met with these workers in their house–a very modest house, where each family had their own room, own area for cooking, and a shared bathroom. On the Three Stone Steps website I will talk further about the workers who make Three Stone Steps’ great fashion accessories, and will go into detail at another time on this blog. But, for this happy Friday, Yes We Can thread, I’d prefer to show you all a photo of a lunch outing a had with the workers.

We shared food, and drink, and smiles. I shared postcards that I brought with me of Beautiful Baltimore, Maryland, USA, home of Three Stone Steps’ global hq. We talked, as best we could, about Chinese horoscopes–for some reason, someone thought that I had to be a dragon…..and hair. A fun outing. I would do this weekly if I were only a bit closer.

I’ll be back soon with more tales from Asia and the workers who produce Three Stone Steps’ great items, and whatever thoughts (and, I promise to rein in all the doom and gloom ones) I have on the general state of everything.



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2 responses to “Yes We Can….or a happy Friday post

  1. So what were you guys eating? Tell us the iimportant stuff!

  2. Usually food is of the utmost importance to me, especially in Asia. Let’s just say, then, that this meal was more about the company than about the food!

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