Your own holiday: a post President’s Day post

Ahhh, another holiday as come and gone: President’s Day. I’m not so sure that I understand it, and I’m not sure if that misunderstanding comes from the fact that it’s not a particularly consumerist holiday except, it seems, for cars. Not that I like it, but I’m used to most big holidays in the US as being an excuse to shop, or, at the very least, go out for a good meal. The fact that none of this seems to happen on President’s Day confuses me a wee little bit. But, for vehicles, I just need to say enough with the car commercials that play Hail to the Chief in the background already.

But, it’s occurred to me, in this holiday rich month of February, that one’s own personal holidays mean so much more. I’ve received some orders lately for silk screen on silk jewelry rolls for bridesmaid gifts. They are really lovely, and not something that I think someone often buys for herself. While I’m running low on my existing colors, I will soon be getting more, great new colors that you’re sure to love.

I imagine that for a bride, finding a perfect, affordable, unique, and fairly traded gift is not the easiest thing that one can do. I’m very pleased that Three Stone Steps can help fill that niche for some people embarking on a great personal adventure, who will then create their own personal holidays: their anniversaries, for year and years to come.


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