The Day After (and it’s not what you think!)

A fantastic group of people braved the rain and getting early election results to make it to Hoopla Traders for their first ever Living Green Salon. (Really, I love that word, salon. It so conjures up images of writers, artist, intellectuals and others who make a difference.)

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I was there to talk about fair trade and women in celebration of International Women’s Day. And, I was nervous. I’m not a public speaker, and I thought I’d be stumbling my way though facts and figures, and get grilled on which fair trade certification I have. Well, it didn’t happen. Laurie Morin, Hoopla’s owner, did a fantastic job of creating a warm, welcoming, and open space for people to share their views, ask questions, talk with one another, make connections, ask about advice for starting a fair trade business, discuss vegan views on silk and wool, and drink lovely organic red wine.

It was much more like a small cocktail party, filled with interesting and interested smart people with great values and politics. And, these Living Green Salons are monthly, so if you’re in the DC area and not hitting Hoopla and the Salon you’re missing something special.

It’s my hope that the Hoopla “model” could make it to cities around the country. As it stands now, the Adams Morgan ‘hood of DC is indeed lucky to have such a lovely boutique that holds such great programs.

I’m sure to make the trek down from the Three Stone Steps Worldwide Headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland USA to continue to be inspired and amazed by the people and topics found at Hoopla’s Living Green Salons.


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