New samples have arrived

Due to the magic of high speed travel, I have some new samples, or prototypes, if you like.

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s in store:

A new material. Three Stone Steps will now be carrying three items made in woven, used plastic bags. People in Phnom Penh collect these overly ubiquitous bags, and they are then provided with soap to wash them, and dry them in the sun. They are then paid for their work, and then recycled into great bags. Here’s a detail that I hope just doesn’t look like a great black blob:

(Ok. I’ll admit it, IT does sort of look like a great black rectangle. But, please look closely! )

Other than that, these mosquito net products will be offered in colors that Three Stone Steps has previously carried:

  • silver;
  • copper;
  • green;
  • blue, and;
  • yellow.
The new products have been made by Three Stone Steps in partnership with the producer in Phnom Penh, and will include:

  • a women’s bag, probably called The Lovely Luna Bag;
  • the Fellini Pannolini & Messenger bag (and, you’ll just have to wait for details on that one!)
  • a man’s billfold/wallet, and;
  • a fantastic flat cross-body bag for men and women.

Of course, there will be more details and photos and prices, but, just wanted to give you a bit of a sneak peek preview. Please check back!


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