Always after me Lucky Charms…..& some thoughts on food

As a kid in the 1970’s, there was little doubt about what I wanted for breakfast, it was always Lucky Charms. Frankly, I didn’t care for the sugary oat part too much, but ate them, and ate around the hearts, moons, stars, and clover marshmallows to save them for later when they would get all soft and mushy and big in the skim milk. Those were the easy days. And, whenever we approach St Patrick’s day I think about Lucky Charms, with the little leprechuan, and think that they really lived up to their name as a magically delicious treat.

Of course, as I grew up I grew out of my taste for Lucky Charms. (Well, not really. Now, as an adult if I was marshmallows, I just find marshmallows, especially this time of year, when those delicious and unhealthy Peeps are so prevalent. And, just in case you are wondering, they do expand when microwaved. But, their glory is short lived, because then they just die.)

As an adult, and as an adult foodie, and as an adult foodie with a deep social conscious, it got harder. I try as hard as I can to buy local, fitting in with the new term of the late 2000’s as a localvore. I try to make sure that I only bring meat and poultry into my house if it’s bought from a local farm, where the animals are treated humanely. I care about the packaging of my food, and, of course, recycle absolutely everything.

I am not generally a fan of shopping at the Whole Food’s of the world. I don’t believe that a chain fresh/organic/quasi-local shopping can really be sustainable at a chain of WF’s size. Plus, they aren’t unionized, in fact, they are actively anti-union.

Anyway, I always just suspected that something was just sort of off when I saw organic and other wholesome food type products at my neighborhood mega-supermarket and at some other “organic” markets. And, I was right. Many of the big organic food companies are owned by the mega-food corporations here. For example, General Mills, the producer of my much beloved Lucky Charms, also owns Cascadian Farms, which makes organic granola and Muir Glen, maker of organic tomato products likes salsas, ketchup, and pasta sauce.

So much for finding good food from a good, local, sustainable producer.

I didn’t find this my own research. I came across a great chart showing who owns organic brands. I found this online from a fairly interesting magazine called Good.

Anyway, so much food for thought, as they say.

And, speaking of thoughts, Three Stone Steps would love to hear yours.



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2 responses to “Always after me Lucky Charms…..& some thoughts on food

  1. Oh!! I posted about the same chart < HREF="" REL="nofollow">recently on my blog<>. While I’m actively seeking good resources here in the pit of conservative America (where chain stores reign supreme) I’m learning that it’s easier to know what not to buy than it is to find things okay to buy. This year my garden will be MUCH bigger, simply out of necessity.

  2. Well, you’re lucky to have a garden! And, are there not some almost progressive farmers for you to convert? 😉

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