A Sneak Peak

Shhhhhhh. Don’t tell., but I’ll let you in on a secret. I will put up samples of the new line of recycled mosquito netting bags that I’ll be carrying. As stated in a prior posts, these will be available in silver, hunter green, copper, deep blue, and yellow.

So, and away we go:

This is called the Fellini Pannolini and Everything Else Bag for Men and Women. Long name, I know, and perhaps I’ll edit. Why “Fellini?” Well, that’s my little dog’s name, and it rhymes with pannolini. And, what’s pannolini? Well, that’s Italian for diaper. The Fellini bag make for the perfect diaper bag, the perfect laptop bag, the perfect knitting bag, the perfect overnight bag, the perfect commuter bag. The uses of this great, big, waterproof, and hip bag are (almost) endless.
And, what do we have above, but the Mingus Bag for Men and Women. Ok, Mingus is my other dog and how could I name a bag for one dog over another? They would just know! Anyway, this is a flat, cross-body bag that’ll come in the mosquito netting and in the woven recycled plastic bags with blue yard. Very cool. Perfect for a paperback book, you wallet, phone, iPod, and almost anything else you could need for the day. If you’re someone who puts absolutely everything in a bag, sort of carrying your closet and dresser around, this bag may be a tad too small for you, but for those who want an unassuming yet very cool bag, this could be for you.
And, here we have a bag just for women: The Luna Bag. Finally, a bag with a name I don’t have to explain. This half-moon shape bag is large enough for women who use their bags so not to leave a possible essential behind. Great, two-color fun, swirly stitching adorns this great zipper shoulder bag.

So, here we are. Let me know what you think, and check back in about eight weeks, when these items will be available online at Three Stone Steps.


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