Earth Week in Baltimore

What a great scene right in front of my little Three Stone Steps space at the Eco Festival that kicked off baltimoregreenweek. All morning long, there were groups of kids drawing with chalk on the asphalt. While many kids came through during the day, this little group above came first.

Really, whenever I do one of those early spring festivals at the home of Three Stone Steps‘ worldwide headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, I’m always delighted.

In this case, I was incredibly amazed at all the positive things that people are taking on to make the city, state, country, and planet a better place to live now and into the future. Also, getting out with my eco-chic bags, silk scarves, and business card cases and getting feed back is always great. And, let’s be honest, a sale or two never actually hurt either.

I also had fantastic neighbors. Reps from a new magazine, City Living Source, on one side, and the delightful Sharan, who’s taken it upon herself to put together Baltimore’s first Fashion Week on my other side. In fact, I was so impressed with both that I’ll probably do some sort of ad thing in the magazine around the winter holidays, and am seriously thinking of taking my eco-chic bags to the runway for Fashion Week. Ok, it’s not Milan, or London, or New York, but it’s sure to be fun and new (for me).

I’ll keep you all posted on my first foray into the world of the catwalk.

But, before I get there, I’ll again be at a Springtime in Baltimore event at the Cylburn Arboretum on May 10. As always, I’ll keep you posted!


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