Meet Venus & assorted updates

Well, it has been a busy, busy Spring. I spent the day before Mother’s (or Mothers’ Day) being muddy, wet, and cold at Cylburn Arboretum’s Market Day. It’s a lovely event, however the weather did not cooperate. At least I did not get sun stroke.

This weekend was absolutely gorgeous, and spent it in Rockville, Maryland. (Yes, it’s the same Rockville, at least according to wikipedia, as in that R.E.M. song (Don’t Go Back to) Rockville. And, now try getting that out of your head.

I was a vendor in the little, new Green Expo section of the city’s Hometown Holidays, which marked its 20th year this weekend. Loads of people, loads of dogs, loads of food and music. As usual, I had fantastic neighbors, including Community Forklift, best described as a cross between Home Depot and Goodwill.

As always, I met some really fantastic Rockvillians and some other Montgomery County denizens. And, sold a few bags and scarves, which never, ever hurts. I certainly hope that the new Green Expo isn’t a one-time deal, since I look forward to being there next year. Perhaps you’ll be able to join me.

And, now for a massive change in subject:

I want to introduce you to Venus. Once you see my new employee (she is signing up for Mannequins and Inanimate Models local 6332 any day now!) who will model Three Stone Steps’ bags. For those of you who cannot join me at live events, or get to one of Three Stone Steps’ many fine retailers, Venus should assist you with getting a good sense of bag sizes and styles.

Here we go:

<—-Venus (ok, I know the name is a bit too obvious) is modeling the Fellini Pannolini Bag. While Venus is about six feet tall and a size 2 (don't get jealous, she doesn't have any hair or arms, so there!) so keep that in mind when figuring out how the bag would look on a more normally sized person.

On this side——————————————>
Venus is showing off the Mingus Flat Cross Body Bag.
You can see just how stylin’ she is in this, and you can be stylin’ too.

Again, these bags should be up and on the Three Stone Steps site in the next few weeks. They will also be at retailers from Alaska to Washington (the state and ournationscapital) in the next few weeks as well.

In the meantime, I will be spending this coming weekend at the Charles Village Festival in Baltimore. And, I’m giving Venus the day off. If you’re in the area, please come by and say ‘hi.’


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