Even More New Arrivals!

Oh. I have been busy, busy! But, aren’t we all? As you’ve read on a prior post, I have received a brand spanking new collection of sustainable bags from Cambodia, from my new partnership in Phnom Penh. These bags are great!

The Fellini Pannolini is a great, big, workhorse of a bag that you could use for diapers, or going to the gym, or for your laptop, or your knitting, or while riding your bike (and with gas prices what they are, who doesn’t want to ride their bike more?), and even overnight. Please check out the Fellini Pannoli bag here. And, I promise to get more photos up of this stupendous bag so that you can see all around this messenger bag, bicycle bag, whatever bag.

The Mingus is in. I’m carrying one, and it’s been a good exercise in my trying to be minimal, and not through absolutely everything in what hanging on my shoulder. In addition to mosquito netting, this bag is also in recycled black plastic trash bag….cleaned and smell-free, of course, and woven into a great pattern.

The photo above isn’t me!

Finally, the lovely Luna is making lots of fans!

This week, new silks and cottons have come in. While I’ll be busy photographing everything, I have great new colors in the cotton messengers bag and cotton travelers bags. The gorgeous silk screen on silk Angkor bag is also now offered in black and gray, in addition to dark purple and red, and finally, the popular for bridesmaids gift jewelry rolls are in such fantastic colors that I am absolutely beside myself.

Here are some new photos of the colors on offer in the great Cambodian-inspired silk screen cotton bags.

With any hope, you can see all these great bags online, or if you’re near a store carrying Three Stone Steps’ fine products, in person very, very soon.

As for moi, it’s back to talking photos…..


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