Like most of us, I’ve been thinking a lot about the current economic crisis, the upcoming elections, and, in work in general.

On my way almost anywhere from my home/Three Stone Steps worldwide headquarters here in Southeast Baltimore, Maryland, USA, I see men–almost always men–and almost always Latino–waiting around near the 7-11 and a few other corners hoping, just hoping, that someone will pick them up for a day’s work, mostly on a construction site.

But, given the economic crisis, many more people are thrown out of work. This brilliant video imagines what happens when Wall Street types get really desperate:

Now, that was imagined, but here, White House spokesperson Dana Perino takes it a step further. It seems that the way to solve the unemployment crisis in this country is for people to get jobs.

Maybe there’s something I’m missing here, but isn’t the reason people are unemployed is because they don’t have jobs. It’s times like this, that I’m so delighted to be out and about meeting people and selling ethical accessories.

How about you?


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