Endangered Elephants, or not a post about the G.O.P.

Here at Three Stone Steps, we make sure we run our business in such a way that, at the very least, we do no harm to people or the planet, and, at best, we actually help people and the world at large.

Of course, not every business owner, small or large, thinks like this.

I came across this article on Reuters about how E-bay is going to ban the selling of ivory products on its site. I was shocked that ivory, from endangered elephants, is even being sold, let alone sold on E-bay, but it’s not the first time that I’ve been shocked at people’s tastes and their cruelty toward animals. (cf: A certain AK governor who paid money for the front paws of wolves shot from airplanes.)

Anyway, should you wish to buy non-harmful products, for gifts or for yourself, well, I’ve got ’em here!


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