Energizing Earth Day Post

Happy Earth Day.

I have a little dog named Fellini. (Yes, I named the Fellini Pannolini bag after a little stray found in Patterson Park over five years ago.)

If you don’t know him, well, here’s a photo:

And, his brother, Mingus, (who coincidentally has a bag named after him) is in the background. since it wouldn’t be fair to leave him out.

But, back to Earth Day and energy. Fellini is a high energy dog. Maybe the highest energy dog ever. He’s a wonderful, funny, loving animal, but he’s difficult to tire out. And, I often look at him in amazement and think, why can’t I harness this energy?

I think if there was some way to hook him up, ethically and humanely, mind you, his energy could, at the very least, power my house and, at most, the entire eastern seaboard. I used to think that Fellini alone had enough energy to rid us of the need for coal fired power plants, but, you know, Fellini is now pushing six, and he can’t have this energy forever.

I’ve been mulling this over when watching him. I think about it when I see people run or bike around the same park. All this energy, and why isn’t it harnessed?

Then, I watched a video on a sustainable dance floor:

I watch this and think, hey! that’s my idea! A case of great minds thinking alike, and all that. I think this is just the beginning.

And, if anyone has an idea for how I can hook up Fellini to a nice, safe generator, please let me know.


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