Still here!

Ah, the incredibly languishing blog. Looking for time and for inspiration for something to post, but have just been–and this is no excuse at all–very busy.

So, let me tell you a bit what I’ve been doing:

I’ve been peddling my wares at local weekly markets. If you’re in the Baltimore-area, I can be found most Sundays at the Baltimore Bazaar section of the wonderful under the JFX farmers market. (The Baltimore Bazaar is not in the same place as all the wonderful produce and prepared foods, but across the street.

On Tuesdays, I’ve been at a sweet, small-ish community market. The Hamilton-Lauraville Market runs from 4-8pm and is on Harford Road across from Safeway.

I’ve also been busy deciding what’s doing well of my new items for re-order. The answer is that people have really taken to almost all of the new products from the Phlippines, especially the abaca bags and the trash purses. Of course these are not yet on my site, which brings me to another reason I’ve been distracted:

I’m planning a major rehaul of my website.

And, lots go along with that.

But, no more excuses.

I’ll write a wonderfully insightful, and funny blog post soon. Promise. (Ok. Maybe not wonderfully insightful and funny, but will definitely post.)


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