Money can’t buy me love….

….And, even if you did have money, shopping doesn’t buy much in the way of happiness, at least according to The Daily Stat, from Harvard Business Publishing.

It’s short, so I’ll just post the entire August 13 stat:

Women control almost $12 trillion in consumer spending, 65% of the global total. By 2028, they will control 72% of worldwide consumer spending. But contrary to stereotype, a BCG survey of over 12,000 women in 22 countries found that only 5% of women say shopping makes them extremely happy, compared to pets (42%), sex (27%), and food (19%).

So, shopping makes only five percent of women “extremely happy.” But, what about those who are just happy to shop online at someplace, say, like Three Stone Steps, with its commitments to fair trade and eco-friendliness? It’s not going to buy you love or inner peace, but we’ll definitely try our best to make you just regular ole happy.


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One response to “Money can’t buy me love….

  1. Thats really true. I really think that there are many other things apart from money that makes you feel better. Thanks for the well written one.

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