Love and stuff

Haitian metal art sign "love"

it's ok to love love

I don’t usually think about love.  It’s not that I’m anti-love or anything like that, it’s just that I have plenty of other things on my mind.  And, I do think about stuff, quite a lot in fact, since I’m pretty much in the business of finding and designing great, ethically made stuff and then selling it.

And, just recently, yesterday, in fact, I began thinking about loving stuff.  I had a wonderfully high number of great customers–and I do have the best customers–at The Under the JFX Farmers’ Market who were either buying stuff that they loudly exclaimed that they loved, or had come back, after buying something a week or month ago to say that they had a Three Stone Steps bag, or key chain, or bit of recycled metal art from Haiti that they loved.

you can love a key chain made from recycled juice packs.

It made me happy.  I told my customers that I loved it that they loved it.

And, I love most of my stuff.  Like a parent who doesn’t quite want to admit it, I do have some favorites.  I guess it’s only natural.

Ok, I admit it. This recycled metal snake is one of the pieces from Haiti that I have that I love.

Probably if I were to sit down and think about this all in my usually overly analytical way I might think it silly. Really, how do you love an object?  But, it’s not really silly at all.  I think people are not only loving what they bought (and who could blame them?) but loving how it makes them feel.  They love knowing that they got a great product at a fair price, made by real, unexploited workers, without harming the planet.  And,the product looked good on them, or fit their needs perfectly, or was an appreciated gift.

I love that.


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