Friday Photo: Scarf Seller

Three Stone Steps carries scarves, too.

One from deep in the archives:  Photo of scarf–specifically the Khmer kroma– seller in Cambodia, I think.  (My travel partner swears I took this in Laos, but these are most definitely Cambodian scarves.)

I had forgotten about this photo, taken in 2004, until my laptop had, as the folks in the Genuis Bar like to say, “issues,” and I was forced into the depths of my ancient PC.

I liked this image so much that I made a postcard out of it.  If you buy from Three Stone Steps, either live or online, you’ll get a copy of this image with text that reads “Three Stone Steps carries scarves and other great fashion and decorative accessories.”  I thought that quip was pretty funny at the time.  And, well, I still do.


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