I have this mannequin that never sees the light of day, because, well, you take a look.  (Please note:  do not adjust your monitor.  This is really the color.)

would this make you buy a a scarf or necklace, or make you run the other way?

And, then a read a blog post that had a red mannequin.  And, it was red only because the shop owner/blog writer decided to paint it.  *Cue image of light bulb appearing overhead.*  Such a brilliantly simple idea.

spray paint is your friend

Almost immediately, the mannequin begun to look better.

caution: wet paint

And, now, she’s trying her hand at modeling.  And, we definitely need a model to show off our hand loomed cotton and silk scarves (which aren’t online) and some of our jewelry from Haiti and Guatemala, which are.

not great shot, but you get the picture

How I wish all transformations just took just a coat of spray paint.


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