Friday Photo: Drapo Vodou artist

Another photo from the archives, this one from November 2008, from my very first visit to Haiti.   I must admit to finding it hard to think or talk or write about Haiti, and my experience with Haiti and Haitian art without going off on tangents about poverty and humanitarian aid and NGOs and church groups and travels in other developing nations and history and how being in a neighborhood in Port-au-Prince brought back an image of poverty I remember seeing as a child in my parents Look or Life magazine.

Anyway, I will spare you my jumbled personal Haiti dissertation, and provide some background.  During my first trip, I went to meet with drapo vodou (or voodoo flag) arts in the Bel Air neighborhood of Port-au-Prince.  (By the way, I’m close to having great, small, and relatively affordable pieces of Haitian beaded art up on the Three Stone Steps site very soon.)  One of the people I met was this gentleman below.  I could kick myself for not remember his name.  I look at him and think about all the history he’s seen, but mostly I see his sense of quiet pride.

Drapo vodou artist

reason to be proud


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