Does this color make me look like an alien?

After great success in painting an old, ugly mannequin bust, I decided to try my hand at transforming an old, ugly, blemished full size mannequin that I bought years ago from a church thrift store.  (I think they were happy to unload it, since the woman who sold it to me said that men stopped by and stared in the plate glass window when it was being changed into a new outfit. )

manniquin with blemishes

do you find my upturned nose cute or hauty?

oh no! zits!

Don't look!

Anyway, Venus the Mannequin (thought it was a har har har name but it turned out to be a long groan name) needed transformation.  Three Stone Steps  has a big show coming up, and figured that some large, green, armless mannequin would draw attention to the booth.  Of course, the color wasn’t going to be some somber, preppy green, but rather a lively, springy lime.

key lime, & who doesn't like that?

And, after a test spot (the blemished head, of course), green lime (Rust-Oleum’s name, not mine)  might have been a mistake.

So I ask: Does this color make Venus look like an alien?

does this color make me look like an alien?


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