Make it anywhere: Filipina teachers in Baltimore

I’ve spent some time in the Philippines.  In fact, at this very moment I’m waiting, waiting, waiting for Three Stone Steps’ popular recycled ornaments and dreidels to arrive from a women’s collective there.  We also carry key chains, headbands, and small purses made from juice packs  by a different women’s collective there.

I live in Baltimore.  I love it here.  I always say that if I were going to leave Baltimore, it would be for a big move, to a place like Buenos Aires or Tbilisi.   My reality, though, isn’t the same for everyone.  Life can be hard here.

And, life is also hard for many in the Philippines.

So, with great interest, I watched an excellent POV video called The Learning that glimpsed into the lives of four Filipina teachers both in their homes and with their families, and teaching in Baltimore, after being recruited by the city schools.

I found the film engaging and powerful.  If you have some time, you should sit down and watch while it’s available.  I’ve posted the trailer below to give you a glimpse.  Let me know what you think.


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