Friday Photo: To be or Jolliebee

If you read yesterday’s blog post, you’ll know what I’ve been thinking about the Philippines.  For today’s photo, I have something doubly Filipino.  I bring you a little Jollibee key chain.  Don’t know Jolliebee?  He–always assumed a he–is the Philippine Ronald McDonald.  At least that’s how I describe him.  Despite several trips to Philippines, I’ve never eaten at Jollibee, though I must admit that I’ve thought about it,  but somehow always stopped myself from walking in the front door. I have, in my past, eaten at McDonald’s, although it was years ago and  not something I’m proud of.

this is from a used ketchup, or "catsup" pack

Anyway, this A for adorable key chain is made from used ketchup packs.  Or, catsup.  At least that’s the word you see inside.  And, for the double Philippine edge, this recycled accessory is made by a women’tacollective  in Manila.   You can buy them from Three Stone Steps in person,  or through our site if you want.


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