Friday Photo (on Thursday): Holiday Decorating with Haitian Metal Art

I’m starting the crazy holiday show schedule tomorrow–to see where we’ll be, check here–and tomorrow we’ll be in DC at a green show at the VA, so Friday Photo comes a day early.

Today’s photo comes courtesy of Green Roost, a delightful eco-friendly boutique in Culpeper, Virginia.  Ok, honestly, I’ve not been there, or even been to Culpeper–although it’s top of my list for a day trip mostly because of Green Roost– but I can tell that it’s a wonderful place.  In my mind, it has all the charm of the south while being modern.

And, while I’ve not met her in person, I know that Kelsey, the owner, is incredibly creative. (And, she’s great to deal with.)  How do I know?  Well, she took recycled metal trees from Haiti  (a special order, but if you want your own small tree check here) and recycled metal doves (available here) and did this fantastic display:

Holiday display at Green Roost

Admit it, you'd like to shop there, too, right?!

If you want to visit  in person, Green Roost is located in 141 East Davis Street.  You can find hours on the website, right here.



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2 responses to “Friday Photo (on Thursday): Holiday Decorating with Haitian Metal Art

  1. jwise9ej

    The green roost is in my hometown, and is great! I love all the little things they have there! 🙂

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