Friday Photo: People peace sign in window

After a long delay (meaning a screw up with my shipment) I finally received some great pieces of Haitian metal art that are just perfect for the holiday season.  I wrote about this peace piece,  people peace or peace people, months ago and have been waiting, waiting for it to arrive.

I was so happy to have the cutest, most recycled, happiest peaceyest peace sign in all of history in my possession that I immediately hung one from my window to show the word.  (Or at least the parts of the world that pass through East Baltimore.)


Haitian metal art, people peace sign

at last!


This adorable piece of recycled Haitian metal art isn’t yet on my site, but available live at my shows the next few days.  This includes on Saturday at Holidays in the Hood, Sunday (most likely) at the Flea Market at Eastern Market,  and on Monday and Tuesday at Downtown Holiday Market.

If you’re not in the Baltimore/DC area, shoot me an email or call, and we’ll figure out to get one out to you.




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