Friday Photo: White Christmas?

I’ve always blamed a combination of Dickens,  Currier and Ives, and a stop motion animation special with a red nosed character for the preoccupation with having a white Christmas.  There are huge swatches of the planet where Christmas is eagerly celebrated and where it never or rarely ever snows, or only snows at really high elevations.  Here in the Baltimore/DC area, we’re living through a blissfully balmy December (and as someone who does outdoor shows during the month, this is wonderful beyond all words).

For today’s Friday Photo, I bring you a photo from outside a church from the Land of Eternal Spring, or Guatemala. (In all honestly, this photo was taken in May of this year, but I imagine if you go to this church in Chichicastenango today, the scene would be the same.)

flower seller on church steps

No snow.

And, whatever the weather is in your part of the planet, have a great holiday.



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2 responses to “Friday Photo: White Christmas?

  1. SandySays1

    I live in one of those blissfully warm localities. (SW FL) Still, at least for the day, I mourn for the white stuff, Snowmen, sleighs, the whole stereotype. Dickens did much to initiate the perception, but Bing Crosby and the movie has kind of branded our brains wouldn’t you agree?

    • I guess there are tons of examples of this North American and European preoccupation with snow on Christmas. I had been looking over photos of the Philippines, where they start getting ready for the holiday even earlier than we do, and, at least where I’ve been, it’s always a wipe the sweat constantly off your brow kind of place, and not a sit by a roaring fire drinking hot chocolate and sing carols destination. But, yes, we’ve definitely been primed for snow on xmas. Just look at the Word Press home page where little white flaky things come tumbling down!

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