Friday Photo: Donations have unintended consequences

I’ve been reading so much about the abuses of aid that I think it’s become my hobby.  And, while I know the aid industry has a lot of horrible consequences, it also has unintended funny (funny funny and sort of sad funny) ones.

If you’ve ever traveled in developing nations, you wind up seeing people wearing what I can only describe as incongruous tee shirts.  And maybe because Haiti’s so close to the U.S., or that Haiti seems to be some sort of Goodwill store drop off for stuff people no longer want that it seems to have a particularly large number of people wearing unlikely tee shirts.  You know, a large guy digging a ditch with a shirt that reads, “Joshua’s Bar Mitzvah” or another guy lounging around in a “Vassar Women’s Swimming Team” shirt.  Spotting and mentally cataloging these shirts has become yet another hobby.

However, no shirts that I’ve seen so far have quite topped the one by the straw hat seller that I saw last week on a beach in Jacmel.

beach hat seller

who me?

I know that Haiti has a lot of challenges.  But personally I’m rooting for a textile industry that makes tee shirts for domestic use.


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