This year’s recycled Judaica from Haiti

I really like all of my products in the way that one can really like inanimate things.  Ok,  actually I  adore the products I carry, and wouldn’t dream of selling anything that I didn’t want to own myself.   And, although it’s not fair,  I have to admit to loving–the way you just don’t just like but love inanimate objects like your car or your backpack or the trusty canopy you set up at a festival–the Judaica I have made in Haiti.  No doubt a big part of it is the process by which it’s made, with lots of context, and questions, and cross-cultural sharing.  The other part of it is that if I were in the market for a gift for a Jewish wedding, or a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, my recycled metal Judaica from Haiti is exactly the kind of product I’d give.  (Yes.  I am probably biased.)

With that intro paragraph out of the way, I was just packing up a wholesale order of my amazing recycled Judaica and realized that I hadn’t quite shown it off.  I’ll fix that right now.

recycled menorah with flowers

perfect gift

This year’s menorah is smaller and less expensive than last year’s, but no less lovely.  It’s also in the original metal color below.

menorah with flowers in the original metal

another great gift

We’ve also branched out into wall art, for use inside and out, and with the only Hebrew word that I can read.  (There’s an English version, too.)

shalom piece

a bit of a challenge to have made, but still fun

Same thought, but in English:

Shalom piece

thought's the same


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