Inclusive is our middle name: we have crosses

Here at Three Stone Steps we have a deeply ingrained sense of fairness.  A few years ago we carried these fantastic recycled ornaments from the Philippines (we’ll have them again this year) and the next year I thought, hey that’s not fair, not everyone celebrates Christmas, and worked with the women’s collective that produce the ornaments on creating fabulous recycled dreidels.  (They also will definitely be available again this year.)  One year, we made up these red, black, green Kwanzaa ornaments only to learn that people don’t really buy ornaments for Kwanzaa, but that’s another story.

When I first went to Haiti in 2008, I bought crosses to sell.   And, that silly fairness thing cropped up again, and I thought that not everyone is from a cross tradition, so had one of the artists I work with make a hamsa/hand of Fatima.  (There will be an entire blog post about this amazing symbol some time soon.)  I then created a line of Judiaca that I just wrote about this week and you can see more of  here.  And, I love my beautiful recycled metal Judaica from Haiti so so so much that I forget to blog about my crosses.

I’ve fixed that now.  Crosses below:


small star cross

if crosses can be hip, this one is

This cross is fairly small, and measures 3″ x 4.5″.

The next three crosses are still on the small side, but larger than the one above.  They measure 5.5″ x 7″.

cross with fish

fish in cross

peace cross

we all need a little peace

cross with birds

lovely bird-y cross


Oh, and these are incredibly affordable.  And, to insert my very own boilerplate language:  they’ll be up on the site soon.  If you want one now, just get in touch.


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