Three Stone Steps, ethically sourced imports is a people- and planet-friendly company that designs and finds existing items that appeal on their own merits.  (We’re fond of saying that we’d like Haitian recycled metal art even if it weren’t from Haiti.)

We like journeys.  Our name, three stone steps, comes from touring the marvelous Cheung Fat Tze mansion in the Georgetown section of Penang, Malaysia (a great place) where three stone steps at the food of a wooden staircase promised solid footing for a great journey.  We thought that was a great name for an import company  and a blog.

We like a lot of other things, but this blog is mostly about travel and products and labor and green issues and whatever else we feel is somewhat related.  We also like to think about how people consume and why.

We’d also like to hear from you and really welcome your comments.  Thanks for stopping by.