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The return of Friday Photo/s: Superbowl and Carnival Edition

It’s a big weekend both in the U.S. and in Haiti.  Here in the U.S., of course, there’s the Superbowl, sort of an unofficial national holiday.  In Haiti–or at least in the southern city of Jacmel–there’s Carnival.

When Three Stone Steps was in Jacmel about two weeks ago, we saw lots of  preparations for the big event this weekend.  Here are a few photos:

papier mache zebra masks jacmel haiti

girls and masks jacmel

But, let’s swing back to last where when, in a fit of local Baltimore pride, I decided to have a papier-mâché raven made, you know, because that’s the name of our football team that just so happens to to be in this weekend’s big football game.  (It’s like the Superbowl of football!)  It turns out  it’s far too expensive and cumbersome to ship, but I’m sharing it with you here because it’s a special piece for a special game.

raven papier mache

Whatever you do, enjoy your weekend and Go Ravens!


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Friday Photo: Summer night

At Three Stone Steps most of our weekends are spent outside at markets and festivals.  (If we have a home, it’s the Baltimore Farmers Market and Bazaar,  in the little west side annex.)  We’ve never been big fans of summer in the Baltimore-Washington region.  (Well, at least not since the days the sleepaway camp.)  We do, however, look for little glimmers of loveliness in the summer, and captured this neighborhood scene on Monday night.

Patterson Park fountain by night

Have a great (summer) weekend whatever you do.

(Photo was taken with iPhone 4 and is on Instagram.  If you’re there too, you can follow at “threestonesteps.”)


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The bug days of summer

Three Stone Steps carries a snake made in Haiti from recycled oil drums.  Here it is:

recycled metal art snakeTo be honest, despite it being a very clever design, it’s never sold all that well.  In fact, some people are drawn to it from a distance and then recoil when they get closer.  (Actually, this happened just this Sunday at our booth at the Baltimore Farmers Market and Bazaar.)

We also carry a dragonfly.  It’s not our bestseller, but it’s fairly well loved–well, at least people don’t actually squirm at the sight of it:

dragonflyWithout paging Dr. Freud, we don’t really know why some insects are loved (see dragonfly, ladybug, butterfly) and others strike at some deep, dark emotional chord, but we do know if we were putting art out in a garden, we’d opt for both the snake and the dragonfly.  If you want to do the same, you can find them right here.

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Friday Photo: The detail

Peddling recycled Haitian metal art live (mostly in/around the Baltimore – DC area)  is among the satisfying things we do here at Three Stone Steps.  We like when people interact with the artwork, get enchanted by the process, and marvel at the detail.

Last weekend I was in Buffal0 and toured some of the architectural gems there.  Among the details I caught was an air vent grate, something that easily could have been an afterthought, but wasn’t, and formed a strikingly beautiful pattern.

grate detail

great grate

(By the way, this photo was taken with an iPhone 4, and posted on Instagram.  If you’re there, feel free to follow at “threestonesteps.”)

Whatever you do this weekend, I hope it includes finding a chance to marvel at some small detail.





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Friday Photo: Think cool thoughts

Like (almost) everyone else, I’m trying to keep cool.   And, while I’m definitely not a Christmas in July type–except for the fact that I’m in the midst of wholesaling Three Stone Steps’  line of recycled ornaments, trees, dreidels, and menorahs now– I thought a photo of a very cool, blue ornament wouldn’t be such a bad idea for a Friday Photo.

And, while global warming is pretty much at the top of a lot of people’s mind,  you should know that this papier-mâché ornament is made by hand from recycled cement bags outdoors in Jacmel, Haiti (where it’s actually cooler than it is here in Baltimore) by a mother and daughter team, so besides the shipping, there’s really no carbon footprint. And, should you not care for this cool blue, other colors and styles are available.

Happy (hot) Friday.

Papier-mâché ornament with flower

Blue and cool.


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Friday Photo: Tree of Peep/s

What a weekend.  There’s O’s opening day today (where hope springs eternal), Easter, and Passover.  And, tomorrow is the Southwest Waterfront Fireworks Festival  in DC. (I’ll be at the Very Cherry Marketplace there.  And, yes, I wish this event had a pithier name.)  Sunday, I’ll be back at the Under the JFK Farmers’ Market.

With so many spring-y activities, I bring you a spring-y photo:  a Peep tree.  (I did look for a matzoh or a roasted lamb shank tree, but no luck.)

Whatever you celebrate, even if it’s just the arrival of Spring, I hope you have a great weekend.


peep tree

pinus peepus

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Friday Photo/s: Fellini (the dog) as model

On Monday, I had Fellini model some recycled bracelets I had just received.   You can see that here:

recycled bracelet from ketchup packs


He was such a willing model, that I thought I’d step it up a bit.  I have some beautiful bead necklaces, made my a women’s collective in Guatemala, and they’ve sort of languished for lack of a good model, or at least a good photograph, so Fellini, the dog, was pressed into service again.  The results are below:

fellini the dog models necklace

blue necklace

fellini the dog models necklace

wistful pose

fellini models necklace


Obviously, William Wegman has nothing to worry about. I do love the luxe background of crushed velvet.  (A tip from an itinerant retailer:  crushed velvet doesn’t wrinkle, so have it around to use as a table cover.  But, often I think of eshewing tables, and tents, and covers all together  and regressing into my family’s Eastern European immigrant past and getting a pushcart.)

About Fellini, the dog:  He’s ten.  But doesn’t look (or act) a day past about four.  He was found in Patterson Park in Baltimore, where we hang every day.  He does back flips.  This is the truth.

About Fellini, the director:  Well, I really can’t add anything new about the master,  but I did watch 8 1/2 for the first time in decades the other night, and can tell you that if it’s been decades since you’ve seen it, or if you’ve never *gasp* viewed this film, you owe it to yourself.  It also makes a lot more sense watching this in your 40s than in your 20s.  Oh, and there’s Marcello Mastroianni. Enough said.

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