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Friday Photo: White Christmas?

I’ve always blamed a combination of Dickens,  Currier and Ives, and a stop motion animation special with a red nosed character for the preoccupation with having a white Christmas.  There are huge swatches of the planet where Christmas is eagerly celebrated and where it never or rarely ever snows, or only snows at really high elevations.  Here in the Baltimore/DC area, we’re living through a blissfully balmy December (and as someone who does outdoor shows during the month, this is wonderful beyond all words).

For today’s Friday Photo, I bring you a photo from outside a church from the Land of Eternal Spring, or Guatemala. (In all honestly, this photo was taken in May of this year, but I imagine if you go to this church in Chichicastenango today, the scene would be the same.)

flower seller on church steps

No snow.

And, whatever the weather is in your part of the planet, have a great holiday.


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Friday Photo: Scarf Seller

Three Stone Steps carries scarves, too.

One from deep in the archives:  Photo of scarf–specifically the Khmer kroma– seller in Cambodia, I think.  (My travel partner swears I took this in Laos, but these are most definitely Cambodian scarves.)

I had forgotten about this photo, taken in 2004, until my laptop had, as the folks in the Genuis Bar like to say, “issues,” and I was forced into the depths of my ancient PC.

I liked this image so much that I made a postcard out of it.  If you buy from Three Stone Steps, either live or online, you’ll get a copy of this image with text that reads “Three Stone Steps carries scarves and other great fashion and decorative accessories.”  I thought that quip was pretty funny at the time.  And, well, I still do.

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Friday Photo: Women in Santa Catarina, Guatemala


I’m thinking of starting a new series of Friday photos.  They’ll probably be photos that won’t fit in anywhere else.

Anyway, this is probably my favorite photo taken in one of the towns around Lake Atitlan, Santa Catarina, which was a truly lovely place. As with so much around the lake, so many scenes seem so timeless.

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Land of Eternal Spring and explosive color

Three Stone Steps made its first trip to Guatemala (actually to Central America, if you don’t count Mexico) last month.  It was both a vacation and shopping trip.  While we’re still working on photos of some of our great finds:  lovely shoulder bags made from the beautiful blouses worn by the Mayan women,  recycled journals,  and fun and funky beaded jewelry, we just thought that we’d show off some of the lovely county and its people in the meantime.

We’re veterans of markets in SE Asia.  We’ve been to loads, but besides the Russian Market in Phnom Penh, most of the other markets we’ve ended up in are about food.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!)  Despite markets taking up more than a small amount of guidebook text, the markets we visited in Guatemala featured local produce and meats, along with  the invariable plastic crap like stools and colanders made in China, but overall there seemed to be a greater amount of handmade items that locals were selling to each other.

And, while it’s hard to find a non-colorful market, the markets in Guatemala were positively bursting at the scene with color.  The photos below were taken at the famous Chichicastenango Market, on the steps of the Santo Tomas Church on a Sunday:

seller with yellow mums and more on church steps

seemingly timeless

Of course, local people buy other goods, too.

shopping for colorful thread for colorful clothes

admiring (and with good reason) one's one goods

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Three Stone Steps in the Baltimore Examiner & The Scarf

Ok, while anorexic fashion models aren’t quite Three Stone Steps’ thing (ok, Venus, our tall, thin mannequin model is an exception), I was delighted with this little write up in the Baltimore Examiner’s online edition last week.

And, delighted, too, that scarves were the featured fashion accessory. Really, I have seen fashionistas here and there, even in the heat and humidity of the Baltimore summer, wearing scarves. And, I must admit, that Three Stone Steps just received some great new hand loomed 100 percent Cambodian silk scarves. As with everything else, I’m still busy getting them up on the site, but honestly, these scarves are so beautiful and luminous and just so tactile that it helps to see them in person.

I’ll have the colors on photos updated on the site by next week, but if you’re in need of a scarf right this minute, please contact us.

It Takes Just 3 Stone Steps to Look Effortlessly Chic!

POSTED July 2, 10:31 AM

Trendy Scarves

One trend I really, really love right now is accessorizing an outfit with a colorful, thick scarf. It’s perfect for all ages (my grandmother got me hooked on to the trend almost ten years ago) and all climates. You can wear this trend in July, but make sure its after 7 p.m., because you’ll roast to death during the daytime.

One Baltimore-based company that sells this trendy look, along with other accessories, is Three Stone Steps. They have a selection for men and women, and best of all, their products represent globalization and going green at its finest. The name “three stone steps” comes from Chinese lore, where three stone steps at the foot of wooden staircase promises solid footing for a good journey.

If you’re not a fan of scarves, their bags are the latest eco-craze here in Charm City. Functional, durable, funky, and sustainable, they’re made from repurposed mosquito netting, and lined with repurposed waterproof industrial tarp. One style is made from post-consumer waste black plastic garbage bags, which have been collected by mothers in Cambodia and then washed and dried in the sun.

Ellen Reich, owner of Three Stone Steps and former labor union activist, states: “It’s important to me that the appeal of these bags is on their design, and not, initially, on how and by whom they are produced. The only way that we’ll move, as a society, into being more conscientious about what we are consuming is to sell things that people actually adore and want to use.” Ellen started the business in late 2006 as a way to share the great products she found while traveling with a larger audience.

Contact Info:
443.927.9239 phone/fax


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