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Shooting in Outerspace. Booblehead Not Included.

I’m on the seemingly never ending journey of shooting my new products (many of which aren’t even here now, but I have samples. And, they should be here soon. Fingers crossed.)

Anyway, most of the photos are just suspended in outer space. You know, white background. A focus on the product. And, the photos end up looking like this:

Actually, these are lovely (and, in stock, although not on the Three Stone Steps site yet). I mean, who wouldn’t love a cute jacquard silk cosmetic bag and jewelry pouch set, fairly traded from Vietnam?

But, you know, shooting photos like this doesn’t exactly scratch one’s creative itch. (Ok. I did use my little light box outside, instead of inside with a lot of lamps. Chalk that up to my concern with my carbon footprint, my desire not to give our dastardly gas & electric company, BGE, one more cent, and wanting to be outside on a gorgeous day. And, that did provide some challenges, although not exactly of the creative kind.)

So, I moved on to shooting my very eco-chic bamboo earrings, which should be here Friday. At this point, I’m pretty much just testing. And, in a moment of incredible inspiration some weeks ago, I decided to name these the Let’s Go O’s earrings. (And, yes, they will be available in O’s orange.) And, what could be better than O’s earrings, than pairing them up with Cal Ripken?

I don’t really know if a photo like this will make it to the website, but, we’ll see. Bobblehead not included.


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I’m still here….

Ah, but dear reader, I have been very busy.

I’m getting ready for my inaugural trade show, for museum store buyers, down in Tampa. I’m super excited to show off Three Stone Steps’ new line of bags made of recycled, repurposed mosquito netting, and the new bag made of recycled big plastic garbage bags that are woven around blue yard.

Eco-chic at its greenest best, I tell you!

I’ll also be showing off my gorgeous two-toned 100 percent silk scarves, which, by some crazy reserve of will power, I’ve narrowed down to carrying in only four colors. These are hand made of course, and woven in a traditional way, not often seen in Southeast Asia. I also will have my lovely silk Angkor shoulder bag, in some new colors, as well as new colors of the great little cotton travel bag along with the larger commuter bag, both with the same great traditional, yet non-ethnic hippie Khmer silk-screen pattern. Oh, and silk jewelery rolls, and, if my some magic along with the correct alignment of the planets, maybe, just maybe, I’ll even have those brand spanking new striped and beaded cosmetic bags along for the ride. I am waiting, waiting, waiting for the USPS to bring this wonderful package to my little door. Please Mr. Postman, look and see, is there a package, a package for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

While the folks in Tampa will get to see all these goodies in person, never fear, everything will up on the site by later this month…..and, most everything should be available for purchase sometime this summer.

As always, stay tuned….and, updates from the road.

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And now I’m back, from outspace….

…ok. I’ve been back for a few hours under a week now. And, so much I missed here on this Three Stone Steps blog: I missed Chinese New Years and Vietnamese New Years, or Tet. In honor of the holidays, I present this photo from Singapore’s Chinatown. What this has to do with the new year of the Rat, I’m not certain, but it’s a fun and festive and a little scary reminder of a huge holiday elsewhere in the U.S.

I’m home long enough that I’m back to work, and getting low on inventory and waiting to replenish it. In case you’re wondering, I’m very low on the mosquito netting messenger bags. Very few of these are available, and in very select colors. I’m also currently low on the cotton messenger bags with the lovely Khmer pattern. More are coming soon, in some very great colors. Although I hoped, as mentioned below, to find more great handbags, messenger bags, wallets, and scarves from all over the region, all my ordering has come, so far, from Phnom Penh. If you’ve not been, here’s a picture of the Independence Monument there. A really fantastic landmark, although mild confusion at times about exactly which turn off it is for my guesthouse!

As usual, being in S.E. Asia gave me loads to think about with regards to fashion accessories, and products, and designs and colors. Next to my hotel in Singapore, there was a great, historic Buddhist temple. The street was full of flower sellers, and most of them were selling lotus flowers in various stages of bloom. Of course, my little cosmetic bag (currently on sale!) and my business card holders (also on sale) and the lovely Angkor Bag are all based on the lotus pattern, which are the lovely flowers shown on the left.

Finally, I’m back from outerspace in time to vote in the Potomac or Chesapeake or Crabcake Primary. Very exciting election and very exciting time.

I’ll provide more updates on my new products and new colors as I receive them. And, back to work for the rest of the day, until I can stick around and be my nerdy self and keep tabs on the election results as they come in.

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