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Keeping it green

Three Stone Steps is a people and planet friendly company.  While we’ve blogged quite a bit about the artisans we work with and our fair trade producers, we don’t spend enough time on our eco-friendly side:  our metal art from Haiti is made from recycled oil drums using only hand tools, so there’s no carbon footprint (besides it getting from Haiti to where it’s sold);  our silk and cotton accessories from Cambodia are made with AZO-free dyes.  And, as we head towards the gifting season, you should know that our ornaments and dreidels are made by hand of recycled paper in the Philippines, and we have a new line of papier-mâché ornaments from Haiti made from recycled cement bags.

If you’re not in the market for wall art, or ornaments and dreidels, or fashion accessories, and you want to do some eco-friendly shopping head straight to Pristine Planet.  They’ve a great easy to navigate site and green products in scads of categories.  (And in the interest of full disclosure:  Three Stone Steps has listed with Pristine Planet for years.  If you’re a merchant of green goods they’re amazingly personable people with make you swoon customer service.)

We definitely don’t want to pretend that shopping will save the planet, but if keeping things green is on your list, Pristine Planet is a good place to begin.



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Back by popular demand: silk & cotton wallets

It’s been a while since we’ve had them, but there’s a new page featuring silk and cotton wallets right here.

Oh, and while publishing, I lost my homepage, so there’s a new one here, too.

More coming soon.


silver and black silk wallet

pretty elegant, huh?

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News from the United Nations

This fits in both the better late than never and the I didn’t know that, but I lived quite well without knowing that departments, but as of January 2009, we are in the International Year of Natural Fibers, or Fibres, if you prefer.

And, why does this matter? Well, Three Stone Steps is proud to carry three of the fifteen natural fibers/fibres listed. In the silk category, we carry that great silk Angkor shoulder bag, and fantastic silk scarves, and jewelry rolls. We’ll be getting more colors in the shoulder bag along with matching wallets, and great new colors of the silk scarves. And, while we’re at it, we’re also introducing fabulous new cosmetic bags, jewelry pouches, and great little purses made of silk, and a silk/linen blend from Vietnam.

For cotton, we will be getting in more of the popular silk screen on cotton messenger bag, and a new style bag in the same pattern.

But, what’s most exciting about this year is that it’s also the year of abaca. I won’t spill all the beans now, but be prepared for great new messenger bags, and other great things to carry made of this amazing, sustainable fiber. If you want a sneak peek, courtesy of the UN, check this out. Much, much more soon!

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Even More New Arrivals!

Oh. I have been busy, busy! But, aren’t we all? As you’ve read on a prior post, I have received a brand spanking new collection of sustainable bags from Cambodia, from my new partnership in Phnom Penh. These bags are great!

The Fellini Pannolini is a great, big, workhorse of a bag that you could use for diapers, or going to the gym, or for your laptop, or your knitting, or while riding your bike (and with gas prices what they are, who doesn’t want to ride their bike more?), and even overnight. Please check out the Fellini Pannoli bag here. And, I promise to get more photos up of this stupendous bag so that you can see all around this messenger bag, bicycle bag, whatever bag.

The Mingus is in. I’m carrying one, and it’s been a good exercise in my trying to be minimal, and not through absolutely everything in what hanging on my shoulder. In addition to mosquito netting, this bag is also in recycled black plastic trash bag….cleaned and smell-free, of course, and woven into a great pattern.

The photo above isn’t me!

Finally, the lovely Luna is making lots of fans!

This week, new silks and cottons have come in. While I’ll be busy photographing everything, I have great new colors in the cotton messengers bag and cotton travelers bags. The gorgeous silk screen on silk Angkor bag is also now offered in black and gray, in addition to dark purple and red, and finally, the popular for bridesmaids gift jewelry rolls are in such fantastic colors that I am absolutely beside myself.

Here are some new photos of the colors on offer in the great Cambodian-inspired silk screen cotton bags.

With any hope, you can see all these great bags online, or if you’re near a store carrying Three Stone Steps’ fine products, in person very, very soon.

As for moi, it’s back to talking photos…..

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Hot Stuff

I’m still in Phnom Penh searching for great new products for Three Stone Steps. I had a bit of a disappointing day yesterday thinking that I was on to something with jewelry made from recycled land minds, but it turned out that I couldn’t find a design at a price point that would work. I will continue today searching for the best in silks, cottons, and eco-chic.

I’m also debating getting water reed rattan/ish bags for Three Stone Steps’s customers. While I did find some designs that you’re sure to love, I am not sure about the quality of the product, and that’s of utmost importance. I would never want to sell any handbags, messenger bags, wallets, silk scarves, or evening bags that I wasn’t positive would wear well. So, I’ll visit this place again this afternoon, and take these new bags through quite a workout. However, I’m not especially optimistic.

I’m also desperately trying to get in touch with this NGO that produces recycled products. It’s hard, but I will venture on since there’s no where I want to miss out on what looks to be a great eco-chic item for my great customers.

Anyway, it’s now afternoon here, and time to get myself in gear to go searching in the Cambodian heat.

Stay turned. I shall return!

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Eye see a holiday boutique

Well, nothing like stating the obvious, but, of course, the season of gifting and giving is upon us. I had a little boutique at Casa Three Stone Steps, showing my stuff, and also the ‘eye-opening’ jewelry collection of Susan Lowe, who actually starred, yes, starred in John Waters’ film Desperate Living.

So, we had Three Stone Steps’ fine silks, cottons, and recycled bags, wallets, scarves, and accessories, and Susan’s incredibly funky jewelry, all of eyes. Quite a fun tour of the eyes of Michael Jackson, Liz Taylor, and Venus (as in the Botticelli painting). Anyway, this interesting jewelry was from her Eye Eye Eye collection.

Ok. So, you want pictures of the boutique. They are coming, and very soon. Please stay tuned!

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Three Stone Steps in Web 2.0

Well, it appears as though I’m catching up! What is it with this Web 2.0 stuff? Anyway, if you haven’t had enough of seeing the handbags, scarves, jewelry rolls, messenger bags, mosquito netting and assorted fashion accessories static…well, here you go with a slide version.

And, to think, those kids on myspace have been doing this already for years!

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