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Friday Photo: Recycled metal cuff bracelet artists

When we were in Haiti last month, we photographed or re-photographed the artists with whom we work.  Here are Three Stone Steps new cuff bracelet artists, James and Romel.

recycled metal cuff bracelet artists

While, and yet again, we don’t have these cuff bracelets on our site, we do have other recycled metal cuff bracelets and other jewelry, including recycled earrings and recycled rings available right here.

If you’re wondering, yes, I requested that Wonder Woman pose.  It works quite well, yes?


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Keeping it green

Three Stone Steps is a people and planet friendly company.  While we’ve blogged quite a bit about the artisans we work with and our fair trade producers, we don’t spend enough time on our eco-friendly side:  our metal art from Haiti is made from recycled oil drums using only hand tools, so there’s no carbon footprint (besides it getting from Haiti to where it’s sold);  our silk and cotton accessories from Cambodia are made with AZO-free dyes.  And, as we head towards the gifting season, you should know that our ornaments and dreidels are made by hand of recycled paper in the Philippines, and we have a new line of papier-mâché ornaments from Haiti made from recycled cement bags.

If you’re not in the market for wall art, or ornaments and dreidels, or fashion accessories, and you want to do some eco-friendly shopping head straight to Pristine Planet.  They’ve a great easy to navigate site and green products in scads of categories.  (And in the interest of full disclosure:  Three Stone Steps has listed with Pristine Planet for years.  If you’re a merchant of green goods they’re amazingly personable people with make you swoon customer service.)

We definitely don’t want to pretend that shopping will save the planet, but if keeping things green is on your list, Pristine Planet is a good place to begin.


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Friday Photo: Ring sneak peek

We are so tickled by these recycled metal rings that we’re offering up a sneak peek.  Made in Haiti of recycled oil drums,  we don’t think there’s anything else quite like them.

Not only are they great statement pieces, they are also adjustable to fit most fingers.

ring statement pieces

high five


We’re hoping that these will be on the Three Stone Steps‘ site in a few weeks.  Stay tuned.

And, many thanks to the fabulous hand model who also took the photo.  What talent.

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Friday Photo: Get your recycled, fairly traded holiday shopping on

Since I forgot last week’s Friday Photo, I’m attaching two to make up for it.  And, it comes with a warning, Three Stone Steps is very quickly running out of these items so if you want one (or more) now is the time to order.

We’ve great recycled ornaments, from a fair trade women’s collective in the Philippines.  You can see a sample below, and get them here.

recycled magazine ornament

and the paper goes round and round....

And, we’ve not forgotten Hanukkah.  Dreidels are selling like hot cakes,  errrr latkes.  In fact, we’re out of the large size dreidel, but still have a few of the small size available right here.

recycled dreidels

I made them out of paper

Honestly, this post isn’t some cheap plea screaming HURRY ITEMS ARE LIMITED (although they are).  This is a case of underestimating demand.  (Cue faceplam.)

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Friday Photo (on Thursday): Holiday Decorating with Haitian Metal Art

I’m starting the crazy holiday show schedule tomorrow–to see where we’ll be, check here–and tomorrow we’ll be in DC at a green show at the VA, so Friday Photo comes a day early.

Today’s photo comes courtesy of Green Roost, a delightful eco-friendly boutique in Culpeper, Virginia.  Ok, honestly, I’ve not been there, or even been to Culpeper–although it’s top of my list for a day trip mostly because of Green Roost– but I can tell that it’s a wonderful place.  In my mind, it has all the charm of the south while being modern.

And, while I’ve not met her in person, I know that Kelsey, the owner, is incredibly creative. (And, she’s great to deal with.)  How do I know?  Well, she took recycled metal trees from Haiti  (a special order, but if you want your own small tree check here) and recycled metal doves (available here) and did this fantastic display:

Holiday display at Green Roost

Admit it, you'd like to shop there, too, right?!

If you want to visit  in person, Green Roost is located in 141 East Davis Street.  You can find hours on the website, right here.


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Friday Photo: To be or Jolliebee

If you read yesterday’s blog post, you’ll know what I’ve been thinking about the Philippines.  For today’s photo, I have something doubly Filipino.  I bring you a little Jollibee key chain.  Don’t know Jolliebee?  He–always assumed a he–is the Philippine Ronald McDonald.  At least that’s how I describe him.  Despite several trips to Philippines, I’ve never eaten at Jollibee, though I must admit that I’ve thought about it,  but somehow always stopped myself from walking in the front door. I have, in my past, eaten at McDonald’s, although it was years ago and  not something I’m proud of.

this is from a used ketchup, or "catsup" pack

Anyway, this A for adorable key chain is made from used ketchup packs.  Or, catsup.  At least that’s the word you see inside.  And, for the double Philippine edge, this recycled accessory is made by a women’tacollective  in Manila.   You can buy them from Three Stone Steps in person,  or through our site if you want.

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An early Happy New Year

Some updates from Three Stone Steps for the end of the year and the decade:

Starting early next year, the 10th to be exact, I’ll be on the road to meet with our existing fair trade producers in Cambodia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. I’ll also be on the lookout for great new unique, functional, and eco-friendly accessories. Please stay tuned. I think there will be great new items in store.

During that time, we will not be processing orders, so if you have your heart set on something, best to order it as soon as possible. We’ll be back to processing orders by the third week in February.

If I’m not updating this blog, please follow me on Twitter, @threestonesteps, or on’s Facebook fan page.

We’re thinking of beginning a dedicated travel blog–ok. I realize that I have trouble keeping this one updated, so I can’t imagine how I’ll deal with two of ’em!– but will definitely let you know if that happens.

So, in the meantime, Happy New Year! I’ll be back here soon.

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