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Friday Photo: Recycled Judaica (it’s not just for Hanukkah)

Yes, it’s June.  And, if you’re on the Eastern seaboard, it’s really hot.  But for retailers and wholesalers like us here at Three Stone Steps,  Hanukkah and Christmas are right around the corner.  And, if you’re a retailer trying to put together a fair trade, recycled holiday collection, this link would be a good place to start. (You’ll find fabulous recycled ornaments, recycled dreidels, and recycled menorahs, and more.)  If you want to know more, please contact me at ellen[at]threestonesteps[dot]come.

But, let’s say that like most of us, you’re not a retailer, but would like to find some recycled, fair trade Judaica.  You need a Bar or Bat Mitzvah or wedding gift, and don’t know what will fit the bill.  Well, then, check this out:

Haitian metal art, shalom

read from right to left, silly!

You can find more information of this great piece of indoor/outdoor art on the Three Stone Steps site right here.  And, if you’re not in the market for recycled, fair trade Judaica, you can find other great recycled art here.

Really cute, huh?

And, have a great PEACEful weekend!


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Friday Photo (it’s a video): Polishing Peace

Although this is on my website, along with additional photos of the metal art making process in Haiti, I  thought it worthy of its very own blog post since it makes me smile every time I view it.   I hope you have the same reaction.


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Inclusive is our middle name: we have crosses

Here at Three Stone Steps we have a deeply ingrained sense of fairness.  A few years ago we carried these fantastic recycled ornaments from the Philippines (we’ll have them again this year) and the next year I thought, hey that’s not fair, not everyone celebrates Christmas, and worked with the women’s collective that produce the ornaments on creating fabulous recycled dreidels.  (They also will definitely be available again this year.)  One year, we made up these red, black, green Kwanzaa ornaments only to learn that people don’t really buy ornaments for Kwanzaa, but that’s another story.

When I first went to Haiti in 2008, I bought crosses to sell.   And, that silly fairness thing cropped up again, and I thought that not everyone is from a cross tradition, so had one of the artists I work with make a hamsa/hand of Fatima.  (There will be an entire blog post about this amazing symbol some time soon.)  I then created a line of Judiaca that I just wrote about this week and you can see more of  here.  And, I love my beautiful recycled metal Judaica from Haiti so so so much that I forget to blog about my crosses.

I’ve fixed that now.  Crosses below:


small star cross

if crosses can be hip, this one is

This cross is fairly small, and measures 3″ x 4.5″.

The next three crosses are still on the small side, but larger than the one above.  They measure 5.5″ x 7″.

cross with fish

fish in cross

peace cross

we all need a little peace

cross with birds

lovely bird-y cross


Oh, and these are incredibly affordable.  And, to insert my very own boilerplate language:  they’ll be up on the site soon.  If you want one now, just get in touch.

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Friday Photo: Beginning stages of peace people

I’ve blogged before about  “people peace” or “peace people” here and here and now present another photo about the process of making metal art out of recycled oil drums in Haiti.   This is a fairly early stage:  tracing a stencil on recycled flat metal.  This peace sign will soon by on the Three Stone Steps‘ site, but let us know if you’d like it sooner.

Haitian metal art, stencil, peace

Jean Claude traces peace





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Friday Photo: People peace sign in window

After a long delay (meaning a screw up with my shipment) I finally received some great pieces of Haitian metal art that are just perfect for the holiday season.  I wrote about this peace piece,  people peace or peace people, months ago and have been waiting, waiting for it to arrive.

I was so happy to have the cutest, most recycled, happiest peaceyest peace sign in all of history in my possession that I immediately hung one from my window to show the word.  (Or at least the parts of the world that pass through East Baltimore.)


Haitian metal art, people peace sign

at last!


This adorable piece of recycled Haitian metal art isn’t yet on my site, but available live at my shows the next few days.  This includes on Saturday at Holidays in the Hood, Sunday (most likely) at the Flea Market at Eastern Market,  and on Monday and Tuesday at Downtown Holiday Market.

If you’re not in the Baltimore/DC area, shoot me an email or call, and we’ll figure out to get one out to you.



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Friday Photo (on Thursday): Holiday Decorating with Haitian Metal Art

I’m starting the crazy holiday show schedule tomorrow–to see where we’ll be, check here–and tomorrow we’ll be in DC at a green show at the VA, so Friday Photo comes a day early.

Today’s photo comes courtesy of Green Roost, a delightful eco-friendly boutique in Culpeper, Virginia.  Ok, honestly, I’ve not been there, or even been to Culpeper–although it’s top of my list for a day trip mostly because of Green Roost– but I can tell that it’s a wonderful place.  In my mind, it has all the charm of the south while being modern.

And, while I’ve not met her in person, I know that Kelsey, the owner, is incredibly creative. (And, she’s great to deal with.)  How do I know?  Well, she took recycled metal trees from Haiti  (a special order, but if you want your own small tree check here) and recycled metal doves (available here) and did this fantastic display:

Holiday display at Green Roost

Admit it, you'd like to shop there, too, right?!

If you want to visit  in person, Green Roost is located in 141 East Davis Street.  You can find hours on the website, right here.


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Friday Photo: Peace People

All week long we’ve been hearing about the 10th anniversary of the horrific September 11 attacks.  Not much I can add to the remembrance, except to wish everyone peace.

Today’s Friday Photo is of an artisan who works with old metal oil drums in Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti.  Three Stone Steps carries the peace sign in Jean Claudes’ right hand, although it’s currently on back order.  We also carry the dragonflies with butterflies piece in his left, although that’s not yet on the site.    We also carry the love and peace pieces in the background.

Enough of the introduction.  And, without further ado, here’s your Friday Photo:


haitian metal art

do you like people peace or peace people?


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