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End of summer new year

As a kid, I always looked forward to September, since it seemed to be the second new year of the year.  I would quietly make September resolutions in the hopes that maybe seventh grade would be better than sixth.  (It never was.)  Since I’ve tried to erase much of my junior high and high school years from my memory, I don’t remember all these vows, but I do recall something about trying hard to be a bit tidier and definitely more organized.

Here at Three Stone Steps we don’t sell any real back to school items, but we do have  fair trade, ethically sourced silks and cottons to keep you organized.

Our fantastic silk wallets and cotton wallets are beautiful, functional, and come with tons of compartments.  You could use one compartment for your U.S. greenbacks, and one for your bills in another currency.  Or one compartment for your bills and one for your receipts.  Or, as one delighted customer exclaimed, “I love these.  I can keep the denominations separate!”

The silk screen on silk wallets are luminous and lovely, and fairly handcrafted in Cambodia.

black and gray silk wallet If you’re looking for something equally lovely, but with a bit of more durability, the same wallet comes in a slightly different pattern and in cotton.

silk screen on cotton walletAnd, while we’ve embraced the electronic world, we’re always delighted when people hand out real paper business cards.  We’ll admit to be a tad shocked, shocked when someone who goes though the trouble of carrying business cards doesn’t go through the trouble of having a place to keep them.  (We recall one Very Important Political Person pulling out her cards that were held together with a red rubber band.)

If you want to forgo the business cards held together by a red rubber band look, we can help with a lovely silk screen on silk business card case:


silver silk business card case

Whether or not you need to stay (or get) organized, enjoy the fresh start that comes with the end of summer and the arrival of fall.



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Back by popular demand: silk & cotton wallets

It’s been a while since we’ve had them, but there’s a new page featuring silk and cotton wallets right here.

Oh, and while publishing, I lost my homepage, so there’s a new one here, too.

More coming soon.


silver and black silk wallet

pretty elegant, huh?

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More on Weaving

Ok, way back in January, I promised to post on embroidery in Vietnam, but I decided it was way more fun to contine on the theme of weaving. I hope you don’t mind.

Three Stone Step
s get the majority of its silk–and all its cotton products–from Cambodia, and, most of this is from Takeo Province, which is about two hours by car from the capital of Phnom Penh. Some of the silk we carry from the province is found in the Angkor shoulder bag, and in the luxurious silk scarf in two tones. And, this Spring, Three Stone steps will have new products from Takeo silk: scarves, in a mixture of organza and raw silk, in fantastic colors, of course, and new colors and patterns for the Angkor shoulder bag, with matching wallets to boot. But, as usual, I get carried away and digress.

Anyway, the silk weaving process in Takeo is very different from that found in Vietnam–as seen in the post below–since in Cambodia, almost all weaving is done by hand, whereas in Vietnam, much is done by machine. As you might imagine, this is what makes silk woven in Cambodia some of the finest in the world, and makes it more expensive than the textile found in Vietnam.

But, on to the silk weaving photos:
This is what the silk looks like before anything is done to it. Sadly (and, vegans, avert your eyes now!) I haven’t seen the entire process, starting with the silk worm eating the mulberry leaves thing, but I do know that neither Thailand or Cambodia have much of a sericulture culture. In fact, most of the silk woven in those countries comes from the sericulture village in Vietnam. (And, that’s on the list for the next trip.)

So, this silk is lovely, but it can be lovelier by being dyed. In Cambodia, it’s done by hand, and here’s a bit of the process:

In caes you were wondering, it’s being dyed a lovely deep aubergine.

More steps in the silk process include spinning the silk threads on to bobbins.

And, please not the bicycle tire rim used as part of the weaving process. A great example of reuse, the second law in the reduce/reuse/recycle mantra.

And, of course, the weaving:

Lone weaver.Working together to fix the warp.

And, some of the finished product:

Ready for market or for Three Stone Steps most discerning customers!

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New samples have arrived

Due to the magic of high speed travel, I have some new samples, or prototypes, if you like.

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s in store:

A new material. Three Stone Steps will now be carrying three items made in woven, used plastic bags. People in Phnom Penh collect these overly ubiquitous bags, and they are then provided with soap to wash them, and dry them in the sun. They are then paid for their work, and then recycled into great bags. Here’s a detail that I hope just doesn’t look like a great black blob:

(Ok. I’ll admit it, IT does sort of look like a great black rectangle. But, please look closely! )

Other than that, these mosquito net products will be offered in colors that Three Stone Steps has previously carried:

  • silver;
  • copper;
  • green;
  • blue, and;
  • yellow.
The new products have been made by Three Stone Steps in partnership with the producer in Phnom Penh, and will include:

  • a women’s bag, probably called The Lovely Luna Bag;
  • the Fellini Pannolini & Messenger bag (and, you’ll just have to wait for details on that one!)
  • a man’s billfold/wallet, and;
  • a fantastic flat cross-body bag for men and women.

Of course, there will be more details and photos and prices, but, just wanted to give you a bit of a sneak peek preview. Please check back!

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Another November Holiday

Do you know what tomorrow is? I’ll bet you that you don’t! It’s America Recycles Day (by America, I’m assuming that they mean the United States.)

Like a lot of folks, I’ve been thinking a great deal about recycling, and cutting my carbon footprint. I guess when we think about the three “Rs”: reduce, reuse, recycle, they are in order of priority, which is REDUCE. It does seem to go against the grain of the US ethos (especially during this increasingly early holiday season) to talk about reducing. Of course, I sell stuff, which doesn’t exactly gel with getting people to reduce. (Of course, some of my stuff is already recycled, and is long lasting, so you won’t have to buy another handbag, scarf, or wallet any time soon!)

What’s interesting, well, to me, is that November 15th’s day is sponsored by big corporations, like Coca-Cola, Dell, and Staples. I’m sure they mean well *ahem*, but they sure ain’t telling anyone to reduce. If you want to see more about this day, check out the National Recycling Coalition’s site.

Anyway, good on them! Now, if Baltimore could just get its act together picking up our recycling, we’d be all set!

So, I’ve taken the recycling pledge, and here’s my badge to prove it!

America Recycles Day

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More bags and wallets, and in record time

I’m happy to report that I received a new shipment of the great mosquito net messenger, laptop, and travelers bags and wallets from Cambodia. And, it arrived in record time.

There are great colors for fall and winter, including O’s orange traveler’s bags, just a perfect accessory as you go trick or treating. Also, laptop bags in green, iridescent, copper, and silver.

It’s always so exciting when the boxes arrive. Please take a look!

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