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The return of Friday Photo/s: Superbowl and Carnival Edition

It’s a big weekend both in the U.S. and in Haiti.  Here in the U.S., of course, there’s the Superbowl, sort of an unofficial national holiday.  In Haiti–or at least in the southern city of Jacmel–there’s Carnival.

When Three Stone Steps was in Jacmel about two weeks ago, we saw lots of  preparations for the big event this weekend.  Here are a few photos:

papier mache zebra masks jacmel haiti

girls and masks jacmel

But, let’s swing back to last where when, in a fit of local Baltimore pride, I decided to have a papier-mâché raven made, you know, because that’s the name of our football team that just so happens to to be in this weekend’s big football game.  (It’s like the Superbowl of football!)  It turns out  it’s far too expensive and cumbersome to ship, but I’m sharing it with you here because it’s a special piece for a special game.

raven papier mache

Whatever you do, enjoy your weekend and Go Ravens!


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Friday Photo: Summer night

At Three Stone Steps most of our weekends are spent outside at markets and festivals.  (If we have a home, it’s the Baltimore Farmers Market and Bazaar,  in the little west side annex.)  We’ve never been big fans of summer in the Baltimore-Washington region.  (Well, at least not since the days the sleepaway camp.)  We do, however, look for little glimmers of loveliness in the summer, and captured this neighborhood scene on Monday night.

Patterson Park fountain by night

Have a great (summer) weekend whatever you do.

(Photo was taken with iPhone 4 and is on Instagram.  If you’re there too, you can follow at “threestonesteps.”)


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FUNctional Art on loan

Today I went over to Port Discovery children’s museum to view their FUNctional Art exhibit, which focuses on art made of recycled materials.  I’ve loaned quite a few recycled metal art pieces from Haiti for this exhibit, including doves, suns, dragonflies, and crescent moon faces.  You can find most of those pieces here.   I also put on loan some of my “trashy purses” made from recycled juice packs from the Philippines.

Since it was such a kick seeing the work I carry in such an odd context for me, I thought I’d share some of the photos.  Of course, should you be heading to Port Discovery,  you can check it out yourself.

art studio entrance Port Discovery

entrance to FUNctional Art exhibit


making recycled bags

learning about recycling and art


doves in window

doves flying around on the inside

art in case

some description of the process

sign with recycled juice pack purses

hey, that's Three Stone Steps!



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Make it anywhere: Filipina teachers in Baltimore

I’ve spent some time in the Philippines.  In fact, at this very moment I’m waiting, waiting, waiting for Three Stone Steps’ popular recycled ornaments and dreidels to arrive from a women’s collective there.  We also carry key chains, headbands, and small purses made from juice packs  by a different women’s collective there.

I live in Baltimore.  I love it here.  I always say that if I were going to leave Baltimore, it would be for a big move, to a place like Buenos Aires or Tbilisi.   My reality, though, isn’t the same for everyone.  Life can be hard here.

And, life is also hard for many in the Philippines.

So, with great interest, I watched an excellent POV video called The Learning that glimpsed into the lives of four Filipina teachers both in their homes and with their families, and teaching in Baltimore, after being recruited by the city schools.

I found the film engaging and powerful.  If you have some time, you should sit down and watch while it’s available.  I’ve posted the trailer below to give you a glimpse.  Let me know what you think.

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Happy Labor Day from the Rust Belt

While there’s something of a debate as to whether Baltimore,  the location of Three Stone Steps’ worldwide headquarters, is in the rust belt  (I’m of the firm opinion that it isn’t, but that certainly doesn’t mean that it’s not a post-industrial city), there is no doubt that Buffalo is.

For this Labor Day, I’m sort of happy sort of sad to present you with photos of the magnificent Central Station in Buffalo, from a city that has seen better times.  Here’s hoping that it–along with the city and all cities–will be reinvented into great, and green urban hubs.

Happy Labor Day.

Buffalo's Central Station from a distance

your establishing shot

Buffalo Central Station

would be nice if the trains still ran here

Buffalo Central Station

your way out.

Buffalo Central Station

what time is it? time to restore our cities.

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Friday Photo: View to the fireworks

This was shot almost exactly a year ago from where I watch the fireworks (or, I should really say where I would watch the fireworks if I didn’t have a dog that totally flipped out when they’re going off.)  The view’s from a rowhouse in southeast Baltimore.

If you’re into fireworks, hope find a great spot for viewing, and have a great holiday.

view from southeast baltimore

the bird is ready.

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