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Friday Photo: Meet Jonas (again)

We blogged about Jonas back and July.  He makes many of Three Stone Steps’  most adored metal pieces, including the peace dove (great any time, but super special for the holidays) and our recycled dragonfly.  Soon we’ll be offering his lovely sunflower bouquet, which you can see by his left elbow.

We’re only blogging about Jonas again on because we took a much better photo of him during last month’s trip to Haiti and wanted to show it off.  (As an added bonus, there’s a mystery person in the background.)


Have a good weekend.  If you’re in Frankenstorm/Hurricane Sandy’s path (as we are here) stay safe!


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The bug days of summer

Three Stone Steps carries a snake made in Haiti from recycled oil drums.  Here it is:

recycled metal art snakeTo be honest, despite it being a very clever design, it’s never sold all that well.  In fact, some people are drawn to it from a distance and then recoil when they get closer.  (Actually, this happened just this Sunday at our booth at the Baltimore Farmers Market and Bazaar.)

We also carry a dragonfly.  It’s not our bestseller, but it’s fairly well loved–well, at least people don’t actually squirm at the sight of it:

dragonflyWithout paging Dr. Freud, we don’t really know why some insects are loved (see dragonfly, ladybug, butterfly) and others strike at some deep, dark emotional chord, but we do know if we were putting art out in a garden, we’d opt for both the snake and the dragonfly.  If you want to do the same, you can find them right here.

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Multidimensional Jonas

Meet Jonas.  Jonas is responsible for some of Three Stone Steps‘ most popular recycled metal art pieces, including our much adored dove and dragonfly.   He also makes a series of cute little roosters.   It turns out that all the art we carry from him has wings.  Jonas excels in the multidimensional.

Jonas lives and works in Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti.  He’s below, posing in front of his atelier with the popular recycled metal dove:


We look forward to seeing what other amazing animals Jonas has created on our next visit.

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Friday Photo: Dragonfly (metal art from Haiti)

Seems to be appropriate photo for the end of the Northern Hemisphere Summer.  Want one of your own?  You can find them right here.

haitian metal art, dragonfly

end of summer bug

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