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Recycled Haitian metal art: new arrivals

Three Stone Steps picked up a lot of great new recycled metal art pieces on our trip to Haiti some weeks ago.  While we’re always looking for great pieces, we especially wanted new larger artwork.

Larger artwork is a challenge to photograph.  (And, is a hassle to ship.)  But, we decided to take advantage of the crisp, October weather to shoot a few pieces in Three Stone Steps’ worldwide headquarters rowhouse backyard.

And, here you have a really fantastic recycled metal wreath.

recycled metal wreath from Haiti

Really, it’s an evergreen, since you can use it to adorn your door Christmas after Christmas.

With less success, we tried to photograph a great sunflower piece.


There are more pieces.  But we needed more nails and we were too dejected from last night’s heartbreaking Orioles loss to walk down to our very neighborhood-y hardware store.

We hope to get more products photographed tomorrow, especially after a win by our beloved O’s.  Stay tuned and BuckleUp!



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Friday Photo: The detail

Peddling recycled Haitian metal art live (mostly in/around the Baltimore – DC area)  is among the satisfying things we do here at Three Stone Steps.  We like when people interact with the artwork, get enchanted by the process, and marvel at the detail.

Last weekend I was in Buffal0 and toured some of the architectural gems there.  Among the details I caught was an air vent grate, something that easily could have been an afterthought, but wasn’t, and formed a strikingly beautiful pattern.

grate detail

great grate

(By the way, this photo was taken with an iPhone 4, and posted on Instagram.  If you’re there, feel free to follow at “threestonesteps.”)

Whatever you do this weekend, I hope it includes finding a chance to marvel at some small detail.





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