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Friday Photo: Meet Brutus, the wreath man


These recycled metal wreaths made in Haiti are spectacular.  And, they’re a great addition to Three Stone Steps’ holiday line.

Meet the artist, Brutus:

wreaths, recycled wreaths, haitian metal artAs you can see, they’re fairly large, around 23″ diameter, and a bit of a challenge to ship.  And, because we only have have two left, these are currently only offered at our live events in the Baltimore-Washington area through the rest of the season.  (If you’re not in the area and really, really want one, we’ll try to work it out.)

For those further afield, don’t despair, soon we’ll try to offer easily shippable sizes online.  Stay tuned.

And, happy Friday!


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Some inspiration from the road

Here at Three Stone Steps we’re awash in a relatively early shipment of recycled, fair trade dreidels and getting our holiday wholesale orders together, but on our way to Western New York to deal with some family issues last week, we did manage to visit an inspirational site or two.

Today’s photo is from the Women’s Rights National Historical Park in Seneca Falls, home of the famous early Women’s Rights convention.

from Seneca Falls Women's Rights National Historic Site

Worth remembering.

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Happy Labor Day from the Rust Belt

While there’s something of a debate as to whether Baltimore,  the location of Three Stone Steps’ worldwide headquarters, is in the rust belt  (I’m of the firm opinion that it isn’t, but that certainly doesn’t mean that it’s not a post-industrial city), there is no doubt that Buffalo is.

For this Labor Day, I’m sort of happy sort of sad to present you with photos of the magnificent Central Station in Buffalo, from a city that has seen better times.  Here’s hoping that it–along with the city and all cities–will be reinvented into great, and green urban hubs.

Happy Labor Day.

Buffalo's Central Station from a distance

your establishing shot

Buffalo Central Station

would be nice if the trains still ran here

Buffalo Central Station

your way out.

Buffalo Central Station

what time is it? time to restore our cities.

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Friday Photo: View to the fireworks

This was shot almost exactly a year ago from where I watch the fireworks (or, I should really say where I would watch the fireworks if I didn’t have a dog that totally flipped out when they’re going off.)  The view’s from a rowhouse in southeast Baltimore.

If you’re into fireworks, hope find a great spot for viewing, and have a great holiday.

view from southeast baltimore

the bird is ready.

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