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Friday Photo: Meet Brutus, the wreath man


These recycled metal wreaths made in Haiti are spectacular.  And, they’re a great addition to Three Stone Steps’ holiday line.

Meet the artist, Brutus:

wreaths, recycled wreaths, haitian metal artAs you can see, they’re fairly large, around 23″ diameter, and a bit of a challenge to ship.  And, because we only have have two left, these are currently only offered at our live events in the Baltimore-Washington area through the rest of the season.  (If you’re not in the area and really, really want one, we’ll try to work it out.)

For those further afield, don’t despair, soon we’ll try to offer easily shippable sizes online.  Stay tuned.

And, happy Friday!


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Friday Photo: Tree of Peep/s

What a weekend.  There’s O’s opening day today (where hope springs eternal), Easter, and Passover.  And, tomorrow is the Southwest Waterfront Fireworks Festival  in DC. (I’ll be at the Very Cherry Marketplace there.  And, yes, I wish this event had a pithier name.)  Sunday, I’ll be back at the Under the JFK Farmers’ Market.

With so many spring-y activities, I bring you a spring-y photo:  a Peep tree.  (I did look for a matzoh or a roasted lamb shank tree, but no luck.)

Whatever you celebrate, even if it’s just the arrival of Spring, I hope you have a great weekend.


peep tree

pinus peepus

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Friday Photo: I made it out of paper

It’s Friday.  It’s Friday Photo day (I keep thinking it should be Friday Foto or Phriday Photo, but whatever), and I’m waiting for a long delayed shipment I just received a shipment from the Philippines.  And, in that shipment will be my most amazing recycled dreidels, that are made by a women’s collective in Manila, the Philippines.  With the Jewish High Holy Days behind us, it might be time to turn our attention to those Eight Crazy Nights.

These aren’t up on the site yet, but will be soon.  In the meantime, if  you’re looking for an amazingly beautiful, fairly traded recycled menorah made from recycled 55-gallon oil drums in Haiti, well, I’ve got you covered right here.  (Oh, and if Hanukkah’s not your thing,  I’ll have recycled ornaments and trees up post-Halloween.)

recycled dreidels from the Philippines

I made them out of paper

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