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Friday Photo: Recycled metal cuff bracelet artists

When we were in Haiti last month, we photographed or re-photographed the artists with whom we work.  Here are Three Stone Steps new cuff bracelet artists, James and Romel.

recycled metal cuff bracelet artists

While, and yet again, we don’t have these cuff bracelets on our site, we do have other recycled metal cuff bracelets and other jewelry, including recycled earrings and recycled rings available right here.

If you’re wondering, yes, I requested that Wonder Woman pose.  It works quite well, yes?


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Binders full of Haitian metal art

Here at Three Stone Steps we’re finally getting around to cataloging all the new pieces of recycled Haitian metal art we got on our list trip to Croix des Bouquets.

The first part of the process is photographing everything.  And, since it’ll take a while until these pieces make to the our website, here’s a sneak peek of some of the new pieces on offer.

recycled metal fish art

When I saw this I loved it, then I unloved it but bought it anyway. I love it again.


tree of life

put a bird on it!

recycled metal bouquet


For those thinking about Christmas decorations, some fantastic triptychs:

recycled metal triptych, three wise men

Wise men.


recycled metal art from Haiti, Crucifixion


And, finally, we present a great rara band:

recycled metal art, rara band

Strike up the band!


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Friday Photo: Balance

Three Stone Steps is planning to go back to Haiti in the next two weeks or so.  We’ll be meeting with artisans, picking up some new pieces of recycled metal art, and begin working on new designs for 2013.

We’ve always been impressed by the arts there, but we’re equally impressed with the poise and balance by which people go about their daily lives.

Below is a serene scene from the beachfront artisans town of Jacmel:

woman walking in Jacmel

Here’s hoping you find balance, physical or otherwise, this weekend.

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The bug days of summer

Three Stone Steps carries a snake made in Haiti from recycled oil drums.  Here it is:

recycled metal art snakeTo be honest, despite it being a very clever design, it’s never sold all that well.  In fact, some people are drawn to it from a distance and then recoil when they get closer.  (Actually, this happened just this Sunday at our booth at the Baltimore Farmers Market and Bazaar.)

We also carry a dragonfly.  It’s not our bestseller, but it’s fairly well loved–well, at least people don’t actually squirm at the sight of it:

dragonflyWithout paging Dr. Freud, we don’t really know why some insects are loved (see dragonfly, ladybug, butterfly) and others strike at some deep, dark emotional chord, but we do know if we were putting art out in a garden, we’d opt for both the snake and the dragonfly.  If you want to do the same, you can find them right here.

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Multidimensional Jonas

Meet Jonas.  Jonas is responsible for some of Three Stone Steps‘ most popular recycled metal art pieces, including our much adored dove and dragonfly.   He also makes a series of cute little roosters.   It turns out that all the art we carry from him has wings.  Jonas excels in the multidimensional.

Jonas lives and works in Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti.  He’s below, posing in front of his atelier with the popular recycled metal dove:


We look forward to seeing what other amazing animals Jonas has created on our next visit.

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Friday Photo: A metal art artist

Meet Evenson.  He’s a maker of recycled metal art in Haiti.  I met him during my first trip to Haiti in 2008–and I’m not so sure how this happened–I count on him tons.

He makes all of Three Stone Steps’ menorahs (you can see him holding last year’s design in the photo) and the hamsas and the earrings along with assorted other pieces.

recycled menorah maker

yes, it’s as beautiful as it looks!

Have a great weekend, whatever you’re working on.


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Recycled roosters

One day, we turned around and realized we were carrying a load of roosters.  (Ok.  This happened during last shopping trip to Haiti, which was way back in January.)

Here is just a bit of the selection:

recycled metal art from Haiti, roosters

they seem a tad coy, yes?

This piece, found here, is super popular, and made by one of the few female metal artisans in Haiti.

recycled metal art from Haiti, round rooster

rooster in the round

Coincidentally, this piece is also made by a female artisan, in fact, the wife of the artisan who creates Three Stone Steps’ love and peace pieces.  Depending on the decor, I can see this in a kitchen.  If you want it for yours, you can find it here.

small recycled metal art rooster among the flowers

this little piece should fit just about anywhere

Not shown to scale!  This small piece, 4.5″ x 6″ is perfect to fit anywhere.  And, need I say it, it’s A for adorable.  It’s right here.

And, that’s not all!

recycled rooster trivet from Haiti

keep your hot stuff off the table

Ok, this wise looking bird isn’t yet on my site–one day, I’ll have it updated to include housewares–but I always think that if Picasso’s cubist period took place in Haiti and if he worked in recycled oil drums, well, he’d make a rooster trivet not too different from this one.

Last but not least and not on my site, check out this wonderful papier-mâché rooster below:

Papier-mâché rooster from Haiti

Cute & life-like, but definitely not for the yard.


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