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Friday Photo/s: Fellini (the dog) as model

On Monday, I had Fellini model some recycled bracelets I had just received.   You can see that here:

recycled bracelet from ketchup packs


He was such a willing model, that I thought I’d step it up a bit.  I have some beautiful bead necklaces, made my a women’s collective in Guatemala, and they’ve sort of languished for lack of a good model, or at least a good photograph, so Fellini, the dog, was pressed into service again.  The results are below:

fellini the dog models necklace

blue necklace

fellini the dog models necklace

wistful pose

fellini models necklace


Obviously, William Wegman has nothing to worry about. I do love the luxe background of crushed velvet.  (A tip from an itinerant retailer:  crushed velvet doesn’t wrinkle, so have it around to use as a table cover.  But, often I think of eshewing tables, and tents, and covers all together  and regressing into my family’s Eastern European immigrant past and getting a pushcart.)

About Fellini, the dog:  He’s ten.  But doesn’t look (or act) a day past about four.  He was found in Patterson Park in Baltimore, where we hang every day.  He does back flips.  This is the truth.

About Fellini, the director:  Well, I really can’t add anything new about the master,  but I did watch 8 1/2 for the first time in decades the other night, and can tell you that if it’s been decades since you’ve seen it, or if you’ve never *gasp* viewed this film, you owe it to yourself.  It also makes a lot more sense watching this in your 40s than in your 20s.  Oh, and there’s Marcello Mastroianni. Enough said.

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